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Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions. Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.

Our Employment Services

Today's business world is highly competitive, and hiring the right person for your company is an even more daunting task. Staying in the game means taking a creative and proactive strategy with your staffing needs.

Personnel Plus is the solution to your staffing problems. By offering flexible staffing options, technical expertise, and quality service, Personnel Plus is providing you with the tools you need to succeed in business today.


Every day brings unique challenges. We understand that at Personnel Plus. Whether you have an employee out on maternity leave or vacation, someone is out sick, or sometimes you are simply overwhelmed with work and need help catching up, we have your solution. During those times, Personnel Plus is there to provide you with a professional temporary employee.

At Personnel Plus, we spend a great deal of time, money, and energy identifying and evaluating new candidates to be a member of our temporary team. Because we take such care in developing our team, you can be assured that when you hire a temporary employee from Personnel Plus, you are hiring a highly skilled professional who has been pre-screened, interviewed, and verified through extensive reference checks and computerized skills evaluation. Our employee will have the administrative or office support skills to fit your needs the moment he or she walks through your door.

Temp to Hire

Adding a full-time member to your staff can be a troubling endeavor these days. The person you hire may not be all that he or she initially appears to be. Personnel Plus can reduce the anxiety you may feel when hiring someone new through our "temporary to hire" program. Simply take on one of our temporary professionals for a trial period, and if he or she meets all your expectations, you are encouraged to hire him or her as a member of your team. Of course, someone may not "fit in" with your organization after the trial period, and if that is the case, Personnel Plus will find someone who will.

We do it with cars, and hiring a new employee is an even bigger investment! So why not try it with potential employees? Take one of Personnel Plus' temporary professionals out for a "test-drive" with our "temporary to hire" program. It gives everyone involved the chance to be comfortable and excited before any long-term commitments are made.


Sometimes your organization is faced with a demanding, unique project, and when that occurs, Personnel Plus is prepared to support you with administrative personnel that have the background and the skill set to complete your project quickly and effectively. We are able to provide you with these professionals because Personnel Plus continuously develops a rich pool of candidates through our sourcing techniques. The task your company faces may be unique and demanding, but Personnel Plus has experienced workers available to you who have tackled projects and problems like the one your company is facing.

Furthermore, the talented person now working with you is under your direct guidance, so the cost to you is dramatically less than hiring or working with an outside consultant. Additionally, the professional Personnel Plus provides for you is battled-tested and ready to work. He or she will bring solutions, not problems. He or she will produce, not debate nor discuss. He or she will bring experience, not theory, and that is why if you want your project handled quickly and correctly — and cost effectively — you need a Personnel Plus professional.

Direct Hire

The key to success for any company is having a motivated, talented staff. But finding the right mix of people is a difficult mission, especially when considering today's extremely competitive corporate climate. Personnel Plus can help you find the perfect person for your organization. Personnel Plus works diligently to locate people who are currently thriving in their positions but are willing to discuss new possibilities. Because of this, when you work with us, we can make available to you a talent pool you might not have otherwise been aware of, and you do not have to worry about being saddled with employees who have been scouring want ads or Internet postings looking for any job. Also, because Personnel Plus has an acute knowledge of the marketplace, we can speed up the screening and hiring process for you. You will only see the best candidates, not everyone who wants a position. And Personnel Plus stands behind its product. We work on a contingency basis only; you will not have any cost until you hire one of our candidates.

If you have great choices available, you can make great decisions. Personnel Plus gives you those great choices. It is the easiest, quickest, and best way to hire nothing but the best.

For the best in finance and accounting personnel, contact Accounting Plus, our division that specializes in finance and accounting professionals.

Who We Are

“Personnel Plus has done an excellent job in understanding our staffing needs. I recommend Personnel Plus to anyone looking for a staffing partner. They have gone above and beyond my expectations. My job is much easier because of my relationship with Personnel Plus. I let them know the positions I have open and the rest is up to them. They always send professional, qualified workers. I would recommend Personnel Plus to any other business.”
Operations Manager
Personnel Plus Client


Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.
  Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.