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Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions. Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.

Who We Are

Personnel Plus was founded over 20 years ago based on a need to provide a higher level of candidate screening and customer service that was not being provided in the staffing industry. Our mission is to provide an outstanding level of service and care to our customers and our employees. To meet our customer’s goals, our workforce management systems must produce the right match for employee and employer with systems that are adaptable to the changing needs of both.

Our success is based on developing long-term alliances with our clients, candidates and employees. We are selective in choosing our partnerships. As an active partner, our uncompromising goal is to make the best match possible by understanding our customers’ goals and continually improving the services we deliver.

We take a higher level of operating responsibility and constantly measure and review the quality of service delivered. By investing in our employees, they become more flexible, productive and reliable - a combination that is extremely important in today’s changing work environments.

What Makes Us Different?

Resource Commitment — In order to place the best employees available and to support those placements, we provide the necessary resources for our staffing managers to make the best decisions. We use industry specific software that enables us to manage our clients’ needs and requirements as well as manage our candidates’ individual skills, experience and career interests. Additionally we offer our staff ongoing training to make them the best in their field. However, the most important resource we provide is a no-pressure environment to make the best candidate — client match. Experience has shown that most mistakes are made because staffing employees feel rushed performing their jobs.

Effective Internal Structure — We are not a volume based company and this is reflected in our commitment to staffing the right ratio of Staffing Managers to contract employees. Our associates are able to take a consultative, proactive approach in resolving business issues and creatively develop solutions instead of ‘fire-fighting’. Our recruiting staff has an average of 8 years of industry experience - which means you benefit from our knowledge!

Employee Alliance — We work to build an alliance with our customers and employees to achieve common goals. By spending the time to learn about both our customers and employees needs, we are able to build long-term relationships instead of short-term ‘Band-Aids’. We provide an opportunity for employees wanting to add new skills to become more marketable and productive. You gain employees who are trained and show a willingness to learn, thus everyone benefits!

Our Specialization

We are proud of what we do and we do it well. Our core competency is to actively recruit, screen, hire and orient qualified administrative and office support employees for each client's unique environment. The end result is a better prepared more productive employee and an ongoing level of support to insure long term success. Our internal expertise and resources provide you with a staffing system that positively impacts your bottom line by improved use of staffing dollars while maintaining a high level of customer service.

By specializing in administrative, office support and customer service staffing, we become better at identifying characteristics of a great employee. Our experience has shown that by focusing on a particular skill set we have a better reference point by which to compare candidates. By remaining focused on our core competency we build stronger relationships with our clients - we can’t be all things to all people.

Strategic Staffing

The best approach for today’s complex business environment is a hybrid solution that leverages your strengths and in-house resources with outsourced staffing solutions. The result is a well-integrated staffing strategy that works for your company and your customers. Leading the way in Strategic Staffing, Personnel Plus is a staffing partner for a diverse base of clients throughout the Denver Metro Area. By providing dependable, trained employees at strategic points throughout the fiscal year and an efficient method of hiring new employees Personnel Plus helps our clients streamline operations and control costs. Some of the benefits include:

  • Ultimate Flexibility - Reduce staffing when workloads decrease and add specialized personnel during busy periods.
  • Re-focus Efforts - Allow key staff members to concentrate on projects which bring a greater net return to your business.
  • Realize Savings - Lower fixed salary costs and fewer employee benefit costs.
  • Eliminate Hidden Costs - Transfer employment issues and responsibilities such as unemployment claims, worker’s compensation and other costs.
  • Assess Suitability - Provides an opportunity to evaluate our employee’s performance before making a long term commitment.

Employee Selection Process

On average candidates will spend more than two hours in our office undergoing our comprehensive screening and selection process. This begins with using extensive recruiting efforts and is followed by one of our experienced Staffing Managers conducting a phone screen of any potential candidate to determine if a personal interview should be scheduled.

Selected candidates complete an employment application which includes detailed information regarding work experience, specific job skills, education, employment preferences, etc. An extensive in person interview is conducted with each applicant to evaluate their suitability to become a Personnel Plus employee. Each applicant completes individually selected assessments using ProveIt® to measure their skills and production levels. Our assessment software can be customized based on your exact specifications.

Each candidate will review our Personnel Plus Employee Guidebook with a staffing manager at the completion of their screening. We conduct thorough reference checks probing for information regarding reliability, performance and attitude. Pre-employment background checks and drug screening can be conducted through our office.

We make regular ongoing contact with our employees to assess satisfaction and resolve issues before they escalate. We are extremely confident in our process and guarantee it by offering to replace any unsatisfactory employee immediately and not bill you for the first eight hours of their work.

Our Employment Services

"Personnel Plus delivers superb service to their clients. They anticipate your needs and are proactive in assisting you with your staffing requests. They always are able to come up with a great temporary for us, even on short notice. I would recommend Personnel Plus as a top notch staffing service."
Human Resource Director
Personnel Plus Client


Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.
  Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.