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Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions. Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.

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At Personnel Plus, it does not matter if you're between jobs, if you currently have a position but are looking for more exciting opportunities, or if you just enjoy the flexibility temporary or contract work provides. Whatever the case may be, Personnel Plus can match you with the career opportunity you are looking for. As industry leaders in placing highly qualified office support and administrative professionals, we make finding you the right career environment one of our main goals. That is why we work with you to develop a complete understanding of all your abilities and skills. Knowing the tools you have gives us the tools we need to successfully assist you. Whether you are looking for a new position, to enjoy some flextime with your career, or if you are looking for a few interesting assignments while you continue to search for that "perfect" new position, Personnel Plus has the opportunity for you.


For many people, life itself can be a full-time job. Maybe you need — or simply enjoy — a degree of flexibility with your career that most workplaces can't offer. Or maybe you're between jobs, and you're not sure whether you want to get right back into a full-time career or whether you want to jump at the first opportunity that comes your way. Personnel Plus has the solution for you. We have an extensive listing of clients who need people exactly like you. Our temporary and contract assignments can give you a few days work if that's what you're looking for, or we can match you with an opportunity that will last for several months. At Personnel Plus, we strive to find what you need, and we have the resources to do exactly that. Plus, when you are ready to work full-time again, many of our temporary or contract assignments can lead to full-time job offers. So pick up the phone and call us today if you're interested in working tomorrow!


In life, we usually try something out before we make a commitment. We usually try on our clothes before we buy them. We all take cars for a test drive. We even go on a few dates before we really start thinking about something permanent. Why don't we do the same with our careers? At Personnel Plus, we do exactly that. With our "temp-to-hire" option, you'll start work at a company as a Personnel Plus employee. But, once you've impressed them with your exceptional skills and abilities, you'll be given the chance to become a permanent employee of the company. This situation, of course, gives you a special opportunity. Since you'll have the chance to take the job for a "test drive," you'll know exactly what is expected of you on the job, what the people who you'll work for are like, and the overall "feel" of the company, all before you make a long-term commitment. We "try things out" so often in our lives. At Personnel Plus, we believe you should also have that opportunity with your job.


A wise man once stated, "Change is the only constant in the universe." Maybe you're ready for a change, and you're looking for a new career opportunity. Let Personnel Plus assist you. With our extensive resources, we have connections with both small and large companies who are looking for help with their hiring needs. This gives us — gives you — access to jobs that may never appear in the newspaper, or might not show up on the Internet. Essentially, working with Personnel Plus gives you an inside edge. Plus, Personnel Plus will reduce the stress of finding a new full-time job. In Hollywood, most actors have an agent, someone who will do all the "legwork" for the star and help him or her find the next role. Personnel Plus will be your agent. We'll call prospective employers for you, set up interviews for you, and provide you with all the information you need to know about your potential employer. We'll even help you negotiate a compensation package with your new employer. In short, we'll manage the entire process for you. Working with Personnel Plus takes all the anxiety out of finding a new career. In fact, we'll work so closely with you and obtain such a detailed understanding of your skills and abilities that we'll be able to match you to the company or the opportunity that best suits you, and we'll talk to the company on your behalf even before you arrive for an interview, explaining to them how you are the best person for the available position. What a great way to end the headache of finding a new career. Now, you'll no longer have to worry if the new job is going to be "the right fit." When you work with Personnel Plus, you'll already know it is.

"Personnel Plus delivers superb service to their clients. They anticipate your needs and are proactive in assisting you with your staffing requests. They always are able to come up with a great temporary for us, even on short notice. I would recommend Personnel Plus as a top notch staffing service."
Human Resource Director
Personnel Plus Client


Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.
  Personnel Plus.  Temporary Services.  Full-time solutions.